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30FXO/FXS PCM Voice Multiplexer Over Optical Fiber
  • 30FXO/FXS PCM Voice Multiplexer Over Optical Fiber
30FXO/FXS PCM Voice Multiplexer Over Optical Fiber
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【Series】:Voice PCM Multiplexers

30FXO/FXS PCM Voice Multiplexer Over Optical Fiber

This model is a kind of point-to-point fiber transmission multiplexer that developed based on special large scale integrated circuits. It is with perfect alarm function, and has an alternative of 30 channels phones and 1~4 98M linear Ethernet ports (optional), 1~4 serial data (optional).The four ports provides witching interfaces, support VLAN,10M/100M self-adapting completely.    It can realize SNMP management on stand-alone device via built-in SNMP module (optional). The electric parts are all digital with small volume, high reliability, convenient for maintenance.
This model is the point-to-point optical transport equipment based on self copyright IC. It is single board structure and provided with complete alarming function. It offers 1~30 voice (FXS/FXO) channels. It can realize SNMP management on stand-alone device via built-in SNMP module. The outer design use the standard 19 inches rack, so the volume is small, weight is light and operation is convenient and credit.

nBase on self copyright IC.
nAdopt veneer structure.
nCan monitorthe remote alarm status.
n 1~30 channels voices, support call indication.
nThe voice supports FXO and FXS ports, the FXO connected with the switcher, FXS with the phones.
nSupport independent SNMP.
nCan monitor the local temperature and voltage.
nServal power supply modes: AC220V, DC-48V.
n2~120KM transmission distance without relay.

Fiber interface
Optical wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm(single-mode)
                            850nm/1310nm(multi-mode) for option
Optical interface: SC/FC/ST for option
Sending consumption: -9dBm/-5dBm
Receiving and dispatching module:>-6dBm
Optical receiver receiving sensitivity: <-36 (BER<10):
Optical code:NRZ
Transmitting range: MM0~2Km; SM 0~120Km for option
FXS phone port
Ringing voltage:75V
Ringing frequency:25HZ
Input impedance:600Ω
FXO interface
Ringing check voltage:35V
Ringing check frequency:17HZ-60HZ
input impedance:600Ω
Magnet telephone
 Test voltage:90V
 2 wires input impedance: 600Ω(hang off)
 Return loss:40dB

483 mm(L)×252 mm(W)× 44mm(H)
Power supply

AC220V:input voltage:  AC220V±20%,50HZ
DC-48V:voltage error range: -36V~-72V   
Operation Condition

Voltage: AC180V ~ 260V; DC –48V; DC +24V
Consumption: ≤5W
Operating temperature:0°C~50°C
Storing temperature: -40°C~+70°C
Relative humidity::95 %
 Without disturbance of erosive and solvent gas, raising dust or strong magnetic field.

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