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1 Fiber Single-mode FRP Strength member  FTTH Indoor Cable-GJXH
  • 1 Fiber Single-mode FRP Strength member  FTTH Indoor Cable-GJXH
  • 1 Fiber Single-mode FRP Strength member  FTTH Indoor Cable-GJXH
1 Fiber Single-mode FRP Strength member FTTH Indoor Cable-GJXH
¡¾Brief ¡¿£ºFTTH means Fiber To The Home. FTTH Fiber Optic Cable is a kind of special curved optical fiber, which providing greater bandwidth and enhanced network transmission characteristics. This cable replaces the standard copper wire of the local Telco as it can carry high-speed broadband services integrating voice, data and video, and runs directly to the junction box at the home or building. Powerlink supplies FTTH Indoor Cable, FTTH Drop Cable, FTTH Duct Armored Cable, etc. In order to cut inventory costs and speed up the installation process for our customers, Powerlink¡¯s FTTH cable designs can simplify your project.
¡¾Series¡¿£ºFTTH Fiber optic cables

1 Fiber Single-mode FRP Strength member  FTTH Indoor Cable-GJXH

FTTH indoor cables are used inside buildings or houses. In the center of the cable is the optical communication unit, with the two parallel non-metical enhanced FRP/Metal/KFRP as the strength member, and surrounded with the LSZH jacket.

Indoor use FTTH cables have the same function of the common indoor fiber cables, but it does have some special features. FTTH indoor cables are small diameter, water-resistant, soft and bendable, easy to deploy and maintenance. Special indoor FTTH cables will also meet the requirement of thunder-proof, anti-rodent or waterproof.
Item Details
Fiber Count: 1 Fiber 
Fiber Type: Single-mode G657A (Default) 
Strength Member: FRP
Cable Structure
Soft and bendable, easy to deploy and maintenance.Smaller diameter, Light weight, and high practicability.Fiber reinforced plastic as the strength member ensures excellent anti-electromagnetic performance.Environmental protection- Low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant sheath.Good preformance of water-proof.
Access network, fiber to the homeUsed end users directly cabingIndoor cabling and distribution

Cable production throughout the chart


  G.652 50/125¦Ìm 62.5/125¦Ìm
(+20¡ãC) (dB/km)
@850nm   ¡Ü3.0 ¡Ü3.0
@1300nm   ¡Ü1.0 ¡Ü1.0
@1310nm ¡Ü0.36    
@1550nm ¡Ü0.22    
Bandwidth (Class A) (MHz¡¤km) @850nm   ¡Ý600 ¡Ý200
@1300nm   ¡Ý1200 ¡Ý600
Numerical Aperture   0.200¡À0.015NA 0.275¡À0.015NA
Cable Cut-off Wavelength ¦Ëcc (nm) ¡Ü1260    
Pre£º12 Core Distribution Loose Tube Fiber Optical Cable
Next£º2 Fibers Single-mode Metal Strength member LSZH FTTH Indoor Cable-GJXH
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