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LC-LC Singlemode 4-core LC Adatper
  • LC-LC Singlemode 4-core LC Adatper
LC-LC Singlemode 4-core LC Adatper
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‐Series/LC fiber optic adapters
LC fiber adapter
An adapter is a mechanical device designed to align fiber-optic connectors. It contains the interconnect sleeve, that holds the two ferrules together.
LC Adapters were developed by Lucent Technologies. They are composed of a plastic housing with an RJ45 push-pull style clip.


Low insertion loss, high return loss
Good compatibility
High precision of mechanical dimensions
High reliability & stability
Ceramic or Bronze Sleeve
PC、APC、UPC optional
Simplex / Duplex


Local Area Network
CATV System
Telecommunication Networks
Equipment Test
PreLC-LC Multimode Duplex SC Type LC Adatper
Next18 channels Duplex CWDM MUX DEMUX 1270nm to 1610nm with Monitor Port
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